4 Best ASMR Headphones in 2022

best asmr headphones

4 Best ASMR Headphones in 2022

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) has proven to be the unofficial cure for insomnia that many people face or just helps them get to sleep quickly. Like most viral trends ASMR has become quite popular, but in order to fully enjoy it, you need to find the best ASMR headphones that’ll pick up on all the details in the audio. In today’s post, we’ll explore some good options that’ll help you relax, wind down, and fall asleep while listening to someone whisper.

When it comes to finding the best ASMR headphones, it is important to find ones that will produce clear audio and give you noise cancellation as well. Comfort is important, too, because you may end up falling asleep to the ASMR videos available online.

Here are our favorite picks:

Panasonic RP-HS46E-W

We’re beginning the list of the best ASMR headphones with these small, clip-on headphones on the ear by Panasonic that are pretty comfortable and sound fantastic. These types of on-ear headphones are great if you’re looking to use them while sleeping and are pretty affordable as well.

The sound quality of the Panasonic RP-HS46E-W is really rich while listening to ASMR as it picks up on all the low-frequency details, mainly due to the 30mm audio drivers that result in powerful sound output. The bass isn’t punchy or overwhelming, which is perfect when you’re listening to ASMR because all that thump, thump won’t let you relax or fully enjoy what you’re listening to.

Since these headphones are compact, you can travel with them easily. However, if you have large or very small ears, these may not fit over your ears as the ear disks come in one standard size which obviously can’t fit all. But for the price they’re sold at, these are some of the best ASMR headphones out there that’ll let you enjoy your nightly fix and not leak sound either.

Panasonic RP-HS46E-W best asmr headphones


  • Lightweight and comfortable on the ear.
  • Affordable price.
  • Amazing sound quality without an overbearing bass.
  • Clip-on design which lets them remain fixed on your ears.
  • 30mm audio drivers for a powerful sound output.


  • Not wireless, comes with a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • No noise isolation due to the on-ear design.
  • May end up tying the cables while sleeping.

CB3 Audio Hush

If you’re looking for more noise isolation then these over-the-ear earphones by CB3 are great for ASMR as they come with active noise cancellation. Priced under $100, these are a good deal if you’re looking for some of the best ASMR headphones that are over-the-ear and with over 10 hours of battery life.

These do come with a 3.5mm audio cable so that you can use them when the battery runs out. What is more, the CB3 Audio Hush headphones are made of high quality, durable plastic, which is surprising for wireless headphones under $100 along with faux leather earcups. The fit is comfortable and the headband is adjustable.

The sound quality is pretty good and with the active noise cancellation turned on, it lets you enjoy ASMR whether you’re in a noisy environment or crowded place. The bass isn’t made for bassheads, which seeing this is a list of best ASMR headphones, you won’t be needing much of the bass to enjoy that audio.

The Bluetooth connectivity could use some improvement, but at the price point they’re sold at, you can’t ask for more.

CB3 Audio Hush best ASMR headphones


  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable headbands
  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable price for wireless headphones
  • A lot of included accessories


  • Bluetooth connectivity could be better
  • Not for bassheads
  • Battery life could be better

Shure SE-215K

Another good choice for ASMR headphones are the in-ear design by Shure.

The sound of the Shure SE-215K sounds pretty rich and warm and gives a pleasant-sounding experience when listening to ASMR.  The bass on these headphones isn’t great, but on the other fronts, these headphones perform phenomenally. The headphones come with extra ear tips for the perfect fit, and these headphones are a hit among the ASMR community.

Shure SE-215K


  •   Rich, warm sound
  •   Good range bass which doesn’t feel overpowering
  •   Durable build
  •   Extra ear tips for the perfect fit
  •   Amazing to use for everyday activities as well


  •  Pricy for in-ear headphones
  •  Wires can be annoying while sleeping
  •  Can sound muted when it comes to the highs and mid-range tones.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Thus far in our list of the best ASMR headphones, we’ve listed pretty affordable headphones that are under $100 but now, it is time to get a bit serious and recommend an option that will be an investment. The Bose QuietComfort 20 is the perfect combination of active noise cancelation and the comfort of an in-ear design for an amazing ASMR experience.

Yes, these headphones are pretty pricey, but when it comes to Bose, they make some of the best active noise cancelling headphones and these deliver on all fronts. The sound quality is amazing with music or ASMR tunes playing crystal clear audio and you get three different ear tips sizes to find the perfect fit.

There also is an aware mode with the QuietComfort that lets in ambient noises in from the background so that even if you use them outside, you remain aware of what is going on around you.  Overall, if you’re ready to make an investment for the best ASMR headphones, then you can’t go wrong with the Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic best ASMR headphones


  •    Compact in-ear headphones
  •    Comfortable fit with a good seal
  •    Active noise cancellation
  •    Super clear audio
  •    Comes with a lithium battery pack
  •    16 hours of battery life
  •    Three different ear tips


  •   Pricey option for in-ear headphones
  •   The battery pack is very bulky
  •   No color options


And that is a wrap for all the best ASMR headphones that you can buy in 2022. We’ve added three options that are under $100 with only one more expensive option so you can find one to fit your budget.  If you’re interested in finding the best ear buds with noise cancellation then check out our post to look for options (link the best noise cancelling earbud post).

Hope you enjoyed this post.



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