4 Best In-Ear Monitors 2022

4 Best in ear monitors

4 Best In-Ear Monitors 2022

If you’ve ever wondered what earbuds audio engineers and musicians wear while performing that look so snug and compact while making sure they hear clear audio, well, those are In-Ear Monitors. Using an In-Ear monitor is crucial if you’re a performing artist, DJ, or sound technician, for whom clear audio is critical in order to gauge the sound coming out of speakers.

In-ear monitors are most commonly used during concerts or live performances to better understand what the audience is hearing. This way artists and audio engineers can improve the instruments they play, or how loud they’re singing. That said, down below are some of the best In-ear monitors you can find, that are budget-friendly and sound just as clear as studio headphones.

1. Shure SE215

In-ear monitors are famous for being exceptionally expensive, but through careful digging and research, you can still find a budget-friendly option like the Shure SE215. Although the design of these in-ear monitors showcases a very modern look, they are one of the most well-rounded IEMs you can buy.

Shure SE215 best in-ear monitors

If you are just starting out with In-ear monitors, these will help you ease into a world where audio quality is crystal clear. The SE215 has a plastic but durable build, and comes with a carrying case and three sizes for silicone ear tips in S, M, and L. Since they are lighter in size, they are very comfortable to be used for long hours of listening and provide good noise isolation. The bass is pronounced but does mix in with mid-range sound frequencies. However, the sound quality isn’t badly affected by it. The mid-range sound is perfectly well balanced, with clarity in the details regarding vocals and instrumental music.

The treble could use some brightness, as it does dampen the effect of certain instruments and make them sound distant. But we can’t complain too much as at under $100, this is one of the most affordable in-ear monitors on the market, that does deliver the quality of sound and durability all in one.

What is more, they also come with a detachable cable to make them wireless, but the 3.5mm audio cable is sturdy enough to not snap mid-performance.


  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Durable build
  • Affordable price


  • Treble could be better
  • Bass can be overwhelming

2. KZ ZS10 Pro

Knowledge Zeniths (KZ) is a Chinese company that offers the best IEMs . AS, AZ, ED, and SK are the other series of in-era monitors in the KZ product list. It has been the trait of Knowledge Zenith to release its products by naming them a pair of alphabets. The KZ ZS10 Pro is one of its top products on the list of in-ear monitors. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best in-ear monitors on the market.

KZ ZS10 Pro best in-ear monitors

It comes in three colors which are black, blue, and purple. One of its amazing features is its faceplates that have an amazing design having a mirror finish on them. The cables of the KZ ZS10 Pro are flexible and have a microphonic look. The gold-plated 0.75mm pin connectors have a perfect angle that fits the 3.5mm jack in a proper way. The cable design and connector pins of the KZ ZS10 Pro are much better than its previous models.

If we talk about its sound quality, the ZS10 Pro performs really well and is easy to drive without requiring much amplification. If you’re treble sensitive then it’s a plus for you because the sound of the KZ ZS10 Pro is right up front. It has a crystal-clear sound with detailed separation in different instrumental chords. Moreover, the highs, mids and lows in the ZS10 Pro are delivered perfectly with its Linsoul 4BA+1DD 5 drivers.  Overall, in-ear monitors are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a good IEM.


  • Build quality is great.
  • Its fit is comfortable for longer sessions.
  • Bass production is amazing.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Old-fashioned cables.
  • Its over-powering sound may not be suitable for everyone.

3. Audio Technica ATH-E70

If you’re willing to pay a little bit extra for excellent sound quality while not going completely broke on a pair of in-ear monitors, then the ATH-E70 by Audio Technica is a safe bet. These earphones house a triple driver for accurate audio reproduction and the memory cables make sure that the earbuds remain in place while not hurting the ears.

Audio Technica ATH-E70 best in-ear monitors

Excellent noise isolation thanks to the Comply foam ear tips ensure that whether you’re dealing with electronic music or acoustic instrumentals, there is no ear fatigue while listening. The sound quality is balanced whether you’re listening to the bass or trying to make out the treble. And overall, the soundstage accurately replicates instruments without overlapping with other elements of the audio.

It can be difficult to find an in-ear monitor that naturally organically reproduces audio for the listener to enjoy. But the ATH-E70 makes you feel as if you’re listening to musicians play right in front of you without the need for speakers to boost the sound.

Although it is quite expensive, for a pair of in-ear monitors by Audio Technica, these definitely make a mark when it comes to providing a natural and organic sound experience.


  • Lightweight and a comfortable fit.
  • Memory foam ear tips for extra comfort.
  • Beautiful sound reproduction.
  • Adequate noise isolation.


  • Expensive in-ear monitors.

4. Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

No list is complete without mentioning Sennheiser at least once on a list, and when it comes to delivering the best in ear monitors, they aren’t far behind. The IE 40 Pro is one of those budget-friendly in-ear monitors that makes use of the company’s amazing sound technology.

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro best in-ear monitors

Like all the in-ear monitors we’ve mentioned, the IE 40 also comes with 4 different ear tip sizes and provides decent noise isolation. The small cable attached to the earbuds lets you mold the cable around your ear as you like, and holds it in place.


When it comes to sound, the IE 40 performs well and produces audio that is natural-sounding, with a bass that is not overpowering or masking the mid-range to high-end sound frequency. They are some of the best earbuds that sound crisp and clear while not being a huge strain on your pocket and feel comfortable on your ears as well. Plus, these earbuds come packed with a cleaning tool, a 6.3mm jack converter, and a pocket-sized pouch to store them as well.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic fit.
  • Affordable in-ear monitors.
  • Detachable cable.
  • Well-balanced sonic profile.


  • Short lead.

These are all In-ear monitors, we suggest you look out for them if you’re willing to buy one.

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