5 Best Headphones for Small Ears in 2022

best headphones for small ears

5 Best Headphones for Small Ears in 2022

There is nothing more annoying than a pair of headphones that keep falling out if you have small ears. A lot of people face issues with earbuds not fitting properly due to small ears or the wrong size of earbuds.

However, a lot of brands do include different ear tips for the perfect seal, but it still can be hard to make sure they stay put. Even though headphones aren’t made one-size-fits-all, you can still find your perfect fit without fretting about it.

That is why in this post we’ll be talking about 5 of the best headphones for small ears that you can find today. We’ve managed to find some ultra-slim earbuds that are comfortable and deliver awesome sound quality.

Our top recommendations:

1.      Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose is known for making some of the most amazing pairs of headphones – both: over the ear and in-ear, and when it comes to finding the best fit for in-ear headphones, they offer many options.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 is a good headphone for small ears as they require little wiggling around to fit them in your ears, and they come with three different StayHear+ tips that are exclusive to Bose.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic best headphonesfor small ears


  • QuietComfort 20 comes with noise cancellation that lets you focus on the music.
  • There is also an option to turn on the “Aware Mode” that lets you remain aware of what is going on in the background.
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
  • Battery life lasts for 16 hours.
  • Comes with a clothing clip so they don’t fall off when you’re out and about.
  • The audio quality is balanced and makes even the badly recorded songs sound amazing.
  • The bass and midrange sound frequencies are clear and even.


  • If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then these may be out of your range unless you’re ready for the investment these demand.
  • Without active noise-cancelling, audio quality isn’t as amazing as some of its competitors.

2.      Jaybird Vista Waterproof

True wireless earbuds are gaining more popularity over regular over-the-ear headphones for their portability and light weight. But they can be a problem if you don’t find the exact ear tip size for you.

The Jaybird Vista Waterproof are a good pair of earbuds for small ears as you get three interchangeable sizes of ear gels (small, medium and large).

Jaybird Vista Waterproof best headphones for small ears


  • Water resistance of IPX7 so they’ll last in the rain or during extreme workout sessions.
  • The audio quality is amazing with instruments sounding distinct and clear.
  • Despite being made of plastic, they are pretty durable and long lasting.
  • They come with stability fins which allow for a tighter fit, so they don’t fall off.


  • No Noise Cancellation.
  • The price tag is expensive despite being made of plastic.
  • Battery life is only 6 hours. However, you do get 10 hours of charging from the portable charging case.
  • Mic performance isn’t great.

3.      Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Sennheiser is a European brand that has managed to garner popularity outside of Europe for their well-crafted headphones and the variety they offer. The Momentum In-Ear may just be the best earbuds for small ears as they’re specifically designed for a better fit.

The ear buds are extremely small and can be adjusted to an angle of 15 degrees for a better fit and you also get 4 different ear sleeves for the perfect seal.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear best headphones for small ears


  • Three-button inline control for more accessibility.
  • Two versions of the Momentum In-Ear for both Apple and Android device compatibility
  • The bass runs deep, which is amazing for people who love upbeat music.
  • Sonic profile is balanced for all music genres and at different volumes as well.
  • Affordable option from Sennheiser.
  • Great design in Black and Red.


  • If you don’t like heavy bass then this might overwhelm you.
  • Not wireless, which is a bummer.

4.      Panasonic RPHJE120 in-Ear Headphone

These ErgoFit ear buds for small ears by Panasonic might as well be the most inexpensive option we have on the list of best headphones for small ears. They’re a no fuss pair of headphones that aren’t pricey and come with great sound. Specifically designed to fit small ears and not pop out; they don’t disappoint.

Panasonic RPHJE120 best Headphones for small ears


  • Compatible with both Android and Apple Devices.
  • Comes in 9 different colors.
  • Includes three different ear pad sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • 90-day warranty covering parts and manufacturing defects.
  • Full and balanced sound with no harsh bass.


  • There is sound leakage if you play music or audio at a higher volume.
  • No inline mic control on the cable.
  • Cable is only 3.6 feet long

5.      Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Last on the list are these Sony ear buds that are another great affordable pair of headphones for small ears that will be a hit if you’re a self-proclaimed bass-head.  Comes with 4 silicone ear buds to provide the right fit and has a tangle-free 1.2 m flat cord.

Sony MDR-XB50APL best headphones for small ears


  • Durable design with black accents and metal furnishings.
  • Built-in mic control to pause, play, answer or reject any call.
  • Supplied with a carry case for extra care.
  • The fit is comfortable, so they don’t feel too tight or plugged in.
  • Lightweight earpieces to eliminate any listening fatigue.
  • Punchy bass that goes well with electronic music lovers.
  • The low range and high range sound pretty decent.
  • Affordable price.


  • The midrange can feel a bit thick and veiled by the extra bass.
  • Not the first choice for purist audiophiles.
  • The treble is muted.
  • The driver housing is slightly thicker for in-ear headphones.


We hope you found this list helpful in finding the best headphones for small ears that also offer great audio quality. All these ear buds have been reviewed against the comfort, sound quality, price and durability they offer.

This list will surely help you make a better decision the next time you’re in the market looking for a new pair of headphones. It isn’t hard finding the perfect pair; it just takes a bit of time, patience and a whole lot of testing out different brands.

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