Best wireless headphones under 200

Best wireless headphones under 200

Best wireless headphones under 200

Today we’ll be looking at some of the best wireless headphones under 200 that you can buy. If you’re willing to spend a good amount of money on a pair of wireless headphones that’ll last you a long time, then you’ve found the right post to help you make that decision.
We’re going to be talking about price, sound quality, battery life, comfort, portability, and a few more factors that should be considered when looking for the best pair of headphones.
Whether you’re a student, a fitness enthusiast, someone always on the go, working from home, or you just want to concentrate at the office without being bugged by your co-workers every two minutes. We’ve got your back with some awesome recommendations.
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And now, let’s get the ball rolling on this recommendation list.

1. Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE

You may have noticed many Sennheiser headphones featured in our previous recommendation lists and for good reason, as Sennheiser creates some of the best-sounding headphones currently available.
They are right at the top with Sony, Bose, Beats, and other popular brands, but what differentiates the Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE is the price as compared to all these brands.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE best headphones under 200
By making a few design cuts, Sennheiser was able to provide a balanced and powerful sonic profile with clean bass and neutral high and mid frequencies, while keeping the price under the $200 range.
The active noise cancellation is spot on and eliminates any background noise. The battery lasts up to 25 hours when active noise cancellation is turned off and 19 hours with active noise cancellation on.
They fully charge within about 2 hours, which is great for the amount of listening time you get. You won’t be running to charge them frequently.

2. JBL E55BT

The next headphone on our list of best wireless headphones under 200 is by JBL. It doesn’t disappoint users who face long commutes and are looking for something portable and noise cancelling. These headphones come in 5 colors: black, red, blue, teal and white.  They have Bluetooth connectivity with a Multi-connect button, that lets you switch from one device to another easily.
If you’re watching something on your tablet, you can easily switch to your phone without having to disconnect, reconnect, and answer the call with a bit of fumbling.

JBL E55BT headphones under 200
The build of these headphones is where some cost cutting was done to make them affordable, with a nice plastic encasing and a fabric headband that looks decent. These are the best wireless headphones under 200 if you’re not too picky about the looks and just want a pair of good-sounding headphones. The sonic profile for the JBL E55BT is great for both high and low volume sound while giving a precise audio. The bass is more energetic and you can feel it while listening to EDM or pop songs.
Although these headphones come with a removable cable, you can use them for 20 hours of listening time and they fully charge within two hours. There is no noise cancellation incorporated into these headphones, which is one of the reasons why they last for such a long time.
Overall, these are the best budget, over-the-ear wireless headphones under 200.

3. Bӧhm B66

However, if you were looking for an affordable wireless headphone with active and passive noise cancellation then the Bӧhm B66 are just what you’re looking for.
The price range is well under 200, and they give you an un-distracted, focused listening experience with ambient noise reduction when you turn on active noise cancellation. With their slogan “Headphones fit for King” they are certainly not too expensive to be accessible.
They have a luxurious design and feel light due to the aluminum housing and the zinc detailing on the body. The ear cups fit easily on the ears and don’t cause listening fatigue for longer listening sessions.

Bӧhm B66 best wireless headphones under 200
With Bluetooth connectivity, you still get an audio cable with built-in mic and controls to skip, pause, take calls and enjoy your work with songs on.  They also offer cross-device connectivity which lets you connect these headphones to your laptop, phone, stereo systems and more.
The sound is amazing with clear mid and high frequencies, while the audio quality during calls is clear and uninterrupted. With the active noise cancellation feature, the audio quality is even more amazing and removes all background noises.
However, due to active noise cancellation, the battery drains pretty fast and a battery life of 16 hours listening time only lasts for 8 hours with active noise cancellation turned on. But the Bohm B66 does last for 18 hours of non-stop talk time, and can be fully recharged within 2 hours.

4. Sony MDRXB950BT

This headphone name may be a mouthful, but Sony isn’t a company that you can overlook or ignore. We’ve also featured this powerhouse electronics company in our recommendation lists and for the right reasons, they don’t disappoint on audio quality and produce well-built headphones.

Sony MDRXB950BT wireless headphones under 200
For our best wireless headphones under 200, the Sony MDRXB950BT, has all the qualities of a good quality wireless headphone and is a hit among bass lovers. The over-pronounced bass is perfect for audiophiles who love a good beat and need it to focus. The ear cups produce bass that can compete with some of the finest stereo systems installed in cars. But that is not, to say they don’t have a few faults, the design of the headphones isn’t anything new, and the only quirk is the red lining around each cup with a black steel finish. They can get a bit uncomfortable after longer periods of use as the earcups have a tighter fit.
Bass lovers will appreciate that the bass at lower frequencies is so pronouncing.  Additionally, you can turn the bass boost off if you find it overwhelming; the audio quality will still sound amazing.
The battery lasts for 20 hours of continuous listening time. And you can charge it within 4 hours, which is alright for the amount of listening time you get.


And that is our list of 4 of the best of wireless headphones under $200 that you can get today.
They’re all amazing in their own way and provide great audio quality.  Whether you like a more pronounced bass, a good-looking design, or are willing to sacrifice on a nice finish for the price, you have several to choose from.
We hope that this list will help you choose the right headphones while remaining within your budget. To check out these headphones, go to our shop by clicking here.
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