3 Best Loud Headphones in 2020

3 Best loudest headphones 2020

Finding a headphone that doesn’t distort the music or audio you’re listening to even on the highest volume can be challenging. Sure, it may not be good for the health of our ears but who doesn’t like to blast their favorite tunes, from time to time, on full volume. However, we’ve come to the rescue again with some of the best loudest headphones available in the market that deliver crisp and clear audio even on the highest volume.

We’ll also be looking into other factors that make them some of the best loudest headphones like comfort, the price tag and of course wired or wireless. So without any more delay, here go the best loudest headphones for all the head bobbing audiophiles.

1. Mpow H5 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

To start off we’re featuring a budget friendly headphone that is under $50 and delivers a kick-ass audio quality while being wireless and noise cancelling at the same time. Don’t let the price of the Mpow H5 headphone fool you when it comes to delivering loud audio because the 40mm drivers in the ear cups make sure you get a bass thumping experience.

With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and an advanced CSR chip you get a strong connection up to 33 feet while the bass and treble are both bright and balanced. The noise cancellation feature can be turned off or on with the built-in side button and lets you cut off all background noises for an immersive auditory experience.

Although the build of these headphones isn’t the greatest nor does the audio quality compete with that of Bose, Sony or Sennheiser, it still is one of the best loudest headphones that are comfortable to wear and lets you enjoy the perks of noise cancellation simultaneously. If you are careful and gentle with the Mpow H5 headphones they can last you a decent amount of years with a battery life of 30 hours while active noise cancellation is on.


  • Comfortable to wear for longer listening sessions
  • Affordable price under $50
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Long battery life of 30 hours
  • Wireless with active noise cancellation


  • Earmuffs are made from average leather
  • Build isn’t the most durable
  • Not foldable

2.      Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone

We can’t go talking about some of the best loudest headphones without mentioning one by Sennheiser. The HD280 Pro are a great example of a loud sounding headphone that are used by professionals, and priced under $100 is a bargain coming from this popular German brand. Although these headphones are wired with a non-detachable cable, this closed back headphone delivers some of the best audio even on low sound frequency with a punchy bass.

You can however expect some sound leakage as they are not the best at isolating noise, but the ear cups are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time although you can expect some sweat from wearing them for hours. As a professional studio headphone the HD 280 Pro surely delivers both on high end and low end volume, and delivering audio clarity and transparency for all sound frequencies. They don’t sound harsh on very high volumes or pitchy, and the powerful drivers make sure you hear every single detail, either way you’ll have blast mixing ad mastering audio with this one.


  • Clear and transparent audio across all frequency range
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Closed back headphone for professions
  • Under $100
  • Light weight and strong build
  • 3.5mm audio jack


  • Doesn’t come in wireless
  • There can be sound leakage on higher volumes
  • The ear cups can overheat your ears for longer listening sessions

3.      Dolby Dimension Headphones

We’ve never mentioned headphones by Dolby and before you get surprised at the price, the Dimensions headphones are some of the best loudest headphones if you’re willing to spoil yourself for an excellent sound experience. Dolby is famous for their sound systems in theatres and cinemas, which is why this $600 priced over the ear headphones wowed us with it’s clear and powerful audio quality, and it had to be shared.

Although they are wireless, they are better suited to be enjoyed at home and you can pair up to 8 devices and can switch easily with the buttons on the right ear cup. Packed with 40mm drivers, padded with a premium looking leather material and weighing around 330 g, the Dolby Dimension headphones are surely for those who like class and luxury in their headphones. The famous Dolby Soundstage gives these headphones a clear and crisp audio output while lacking the warmth and richness of bass like the Bose one’s have.

Controlling these headphones is done through the iOS and Android app, and they come with a LifeMix feature that lets you be aware of the surroundings you are in. The right ear cup has three buttons to control volume, skip tracks and accessing the virtual assistant. But by far the most interesting feature is the head tracking that adjusts the volume in your headphones according to the position of your head in relation to the TV or device. Turn to the side, and the sound will shift to the side as well, move back and your headphones adjust to the TV.

However, these features do affect the battery life which already isn’t that good. With only 16 hours of listening time, it gets shortened to 10 hours with the tracking turned on, but it does charge fully within 2 hours, and with fast charging you can get two hours of use within 15 minutes.

That said, the Dolby Dimensions is for people who want a luxurious at home listening experience and will be happy while using it. Nonetheless, the price may be high but it still is one of the best loudest headphones to get in 2020 that won’t distort sound quality at higher volume.


  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Premium build with comfortable ear cups
  • Can pair up to 8 devices and switches easily
  • Soundstage is phenomenal that is ideal for movies
  • Audio quality is clear and crisp
  • Head tracking adjusts sound automatically


  • Not suitable for on the go or using outside
  • Expensive for a pair of headphones to be used at home
  • Can’t connect two devices at the same time.

And we’re done

There, you have some of the best loud headphones to buy in 2020 that will give you the full experience of listening to amazing audio on the highest volume setting.

To sum up here is the full breakdown of the headphones we’ve mentioned according to their category.

Best loudest headphones that affordable and perfect for on the go: Mpow H5 wireless

Perfect for professional audio purist: Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

Best loudest headphones for a premium experience: Dolby Dimension

Hope you enjoyed, and tune back in for our next post.