Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro: Which One is Better? [Decided]

Samsung galaxy buds plus vs apple airpods pro

Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro: Which One is Better? [Decided]

The race for providing better sound quality and comfort has been a tough one, and the latest horses in the race are Earbuds. Each company is rolling out its earbuds to counter the other, but most of them aren’t that good. In this blog, we will discuss Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro, which is the most-demanding comparison from your side. After all, we will get to know what’s better Galaxy Buds Plus or AirPods Pro.

Two of the top competitors providing improved features and better sound are Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods. Apple’s AirPods Pro is an outstanding wireless earbud with excellent noise reduction and enhanced performance, better than the Apple AirPods originals. Even though they outperform many earbuds, they don’t come cheap at $250 (£249 or AU$399). The Samsung Galaxy Buds jump in and take over as they perform well and are more affordable at $150 (£159 or AU$299).

Which is better; Galaxy Buds or Apple AirPods Pro?

Let us see what comes out after comparing each aspect of both of these earbuds.

Noise Cancellation

One of the essential features of these devices is their noise-canceling function to provide the user with a soothing and disturbance-free experience, so let’s see who excels here, AirPods vs Galaxy Buds. The AirPods Pro wins by quite a margin because of its advanced active noise-canceling technology. They are great even while using on a busy train or a plane because they allow you to listen to your music as desired. The noise-cancelling feature tracks and analyzes background noise and adjusts accordingly. And uses an internal microphone to track any interference, even altering the sound to compensate for it.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ have a secure seal with silicone ear tips that help eliminate quite a bit of noise, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ have no noise-cancellation equipment. The passive insulation from noise, combined with music at a decent level, blocks much of the unnecessary sounds of the outside environment. But it won’t suffice for regular flyers or loud train commuters to guarantee a noise-free listening environment.

Sound & Call Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds have significantly improved its sound and call quality and it’s very noticeable when compared to its predecessors. The most significant change I found was in the quality of the phone call, which is mostly attributed to an upgraded microphone configuration.

Apple AirPods Pro

Call output on the first Galaxy Buds was utterly atrocious, but on the plus model, it was significantly enhanced. But without any doubt, the Apple Airpods remained on top with clarity and fidelity. AirPods Pro’s sound was amazing enough to make it worth their price.

Apple’s AirPods Pro has a new design that is more compact and better than the predecessor. This new redesign signifies that they are now far less likely to be loose, and additional microphones provide strong noise-canceling. Another win for Apple in Galaxy Buds vs AirPods.

AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus Battery Life

For the most extended battery life, we have a clear winner. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus boasts 11 hours of listening time, and there is ample charge in the case itself for 22 hours of overall listening time. It is quite far from what Apple’s AirPods Pro offer; a mere 4.5 hours of listening time, but the case itself holds 24 hours of total charge. When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy Buds are the clear winner.

samsung galaxy buds plus battery life

AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Buds Plus Comfort

Everybody has different ears, so the experience can vary. I find the Galaxy Buds+ to be more convenient than the AirPods Pro, because they are smaller and more ergonomically designed. But I also needed to take the AirPods Pro out on long flights to give a break to specific pressure points. Extra credit to the Buds+ for providing a more comfortable fit, due to the inclusion of mini-wings (or “fins”) that provide additional protection.

samsung galaxy buds plus

It was a tight race, as I mentioned earlier, that Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro is going to be hard because both are well built. But I’d say that Galaxy Buds are slightly ahead here.

Customizability, Control, and Features

For the Apple user, Airpods are very easy to use as they make pairing such a simple process. The H1 processor ensures smooth pairing with your Apple devices.  You can also pair AirPods with Android phones, but not with the same ease and convenience as with an iPhone.

apple airpods pro comfort and features

Nevertheless, one of AirPod’s cool features is that when you remove them, the music stops immediately. Samsung doesn’t seem to be doing that at all. While the Bluetooth settings can control AirPods, the Galaxy Buds have a dedicated application to handle the settings. It gives the Galaxy Buds a wide variety of options and more control, making Galaxy Buds Plus a clear victor in customizability.

Moreover, the Galaxy Buds Plus have a versatile approach by making their iOS application as good as the Android one. Samsung has the upper hand when it comes to customizability, so in this category, the Samsung Galaxy Buds beat the Apple AirPods.


It can eventually come down to price for many users. Galaxy Buds are priced at $150 (£159 or AU$299). In terms of noise cancellation and wireless connectivity, Apple AirPods are the sophisticated one but cost $250 (£249 or AU$399). 

The choice between the AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Plus is not an easy one as they both have their strengths and differences.  The price factor is one thing to keep in mind.

Final Verdict

It all depends on a few other factors as well, like whether you like Apple or Samsung products in general. If you want the sophisticated noise reduction, then Apple’s AirPods Pro is your go-to.

If you want a decent and fantastic pair of earbuds at an affordable price, then Samsung can save you a lot of money by giving you customizability, and providing long battery life.

There is no champion in the Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro because both offer different features that allude to different people. So, before making a purchase decision between the Galaxy Buds Plus vs AirPods Pro, keep in mind that both are exceptional earbuds with different features. You can pick one according to your requirements.

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