iLuv tb100 Wireless Earbuds Review 2022

iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds review

You might be looking for new wireless earbuds to replace your old ones. I know, all of us get tired of using a single wireless earbud for a long time. An inner desire arises and we want to try finding the newer or better one on the same budget. The iLuv TB-100 earbuds are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their old, beaten-up earbuds. The iLuv TB100 is a wireless in-ear earbud with powerful bass and amazing quality. They come in multiple colors like blue, green, gold, pacific blue, black, and red. Finally, here we’re with the iLuv tb100 review to let you decide if to buy them or not.

The iLuv tb100 wireless earbuds have a glossy look and a shining finish. These earbuds and portable charging case are both sealed with IPX6-rated protection that makes them highly water-resistant. The back of these earbuds has soft-touch buttons which allow you to perform actions like change soundtracks, end calls or activate the voice assistant.

The charging case is 2.6 inches wide, which makes it compact-sized earbuds to carry easily in your pocket. There is a row of red lights on the front bottom side of the charging case which shows the battery’s current state.

What’s in the Box?

iLuv tb100 box

The box comes with a charging case, a charging cable, two different-sized ear tips, and the iLuv TB100 user manual. As we open the box, there is the iLuv tb100 wireless earbuds user manual in front with a one-year warranty card in it. Moving on, there lie the TB100 earbuds having a sleek iLuv logo on the case’s top side. Then there is a charging cable and three pairs of ear tips as well.

Battery Timing

The iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds have 6 hours of non-stop playtime. This is not surprising and not disappointing as well. An ordinary earbud at this price point has an acceptable battery timing of 6 hours. Additionally, the charging will last 20 hours if a fully charged case powers the earbuds continuously.

Moreover, the charging case supports quick charging so you can charge the earbuds for 20 minutes and enjoy 2 hours of music streaming. The charging case normally requires 2 hours to get fully charged.

Sound Quality

sound quality of iLuv wireless earbuds

Talking about sound quality, we would say it was pretty fine. The sound is clean but sharp. That being said, these earbuds weren’t that good at producing quality bass. Although the mids and highs of the sound were perfect. Unfortunately, we won’t call these earbuds to be a perfect fit for a music lover or bass-boosted enthusiasts. For normal usage, they are more than perfect for you to like; listen to podcasts, scroll through the sites, etc. Another disappointing thing we noticed was the poor microphone quality. Every time you’ll make a call, the other person will keep saying “what” to you. Although you’ll hear that person’s voice clear enough.

How to connect iLuv wireless earbuds?

iLuv tb100 connectivity

The iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds use a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This is the same Bluetooth protocol as the Tozo T6, and it works the same way. You get a fast, reliable, lag-free connection, and a range of 10 meters. Surprisingly, you can pair each earbud with any device separately. If hands-free calling is important to you, this is a helpful feature. You can undoubtedly double the battery life by using one earbud at a time.

iLuv tb100 Earbuds Features

While we’re done with the battery consumption and sound quality of the iLuv TB100 wireless earbuds, it’s time to take a look at the features it comes with.

Following are some of the interesting features of the iLuv TB100:

  • One-Step Pairing

Sometimes pairing a wireless device becomes irritating and challenging as well. The iLuv TB100 earbud pairs with your device easily. You just simply need to take the earbuds out of the compact charging case and the earbuds will automatically enter discovery mode (both earbuds’ LEDs will start blinking blue and red). Once in discovery mode, take your smartphone or tablet and find “iLuv TB100” in nearby devices to connect with the earphones.

  • Touch Controls

One of the most useful features which makes an earbud worth buying is the touch control feature. With the iLuv TB100, you can power on/off, make calls (accept, end, decline), play music, and control volume levels.

The touch sensor area is right on the center of the earbuds”.

  • Battery Life Indicator

Interestingly, there is a led battery life indicator on the charging case. Different behavior of led lights denotes different battery life conditions. The percentages according to led lights are listed below.

  1. 4 LEDs: 75-100%
  2. 3 LEDs: 50-75%
  3. 2 LEDs: 25-50%
  4. 1 LED: 5-25%

The led will start blinking if the battery falls below 5%.

Are iLuv earbuds waterproof?

iLuv earbuds waterproof

Both the charging case and pair of earbuds are sealed with IPX6-rated protection. This makes the earbuds and charging case resistant to water significantly.


  • Its noise isolation mechanism helps you stream uninterrupted music or whatever you’re listening to.
  • These earbuds are lightweight and pretty comfy so you can use them for longer periods.
  • Perfect for any environment. Use them in a windstorm or on a rainy day.
  • Its audio quality is clean and sharp.
  • The price point for these earbuds having such features is reasonable.
  • In addition to their compatibility with mobile phones, you can connect them to a computer or a laptop.
  • These are perfect for sports or gym workouts.


  • These earbuds have poor bass quality.
  • Call quality is really awful. It might irritate the person you’re communicating with due to poor microphone quality.


Final Statement

If you’re looking for mid-range wireless earbuds for normal usage, then the iLuv TB100 could be the option for you. Although there are some features in which Tozo T6 overcomes TB100 while being of the same price. I would suggest you should also consider them too.

Moreover, I have enlisted all the features, benefits, and cons of the TB100 wireless earbuds. You can see a clear benchmark if you compare this with Tozo T6 wireless earbuds.

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