Most Powerful Bass Headphones

Most Powerful Bass Headphones

Most Powerful Bass Headphones

What defines an amazing headphone for many audiophiles is how the bass sounds and complements the overall sonic profile. No matter what type of headphones you choose to go for, finding the right balance between bass, treble, and soundstage can be hard if the only sound that you get to hear is an over-amplified bass masking vocal, acoustics, and instrumental sounds.

To make things easier for you, we’re going to be mentioning some of the best bass headphones to look for when you’re out hunting for a new headphone. These headphones will help make your sound experience personal as well as enjoyable, so you can easily tune out the world while strutting to the beat of your own playlist.

Here we go!

1. Beats Solo Pro

Whether you’re a fashion-forward audio purist who likes to be on-trend or an iPhone user who wants something more than those standard apple-wired earphones, the Beats Solo Pro is one of the best bass headphones to buy in 2020 for many reasons. The company put extra thought and effort into the design and comfort of the Solo Pro which is a great pair of on-ear headphones, that won’t cause discomfort if you wear them for hours on end.

Beats Solo Pro most powerful bass headphones

When it comes to noise cancellation, these headphones calibrate the cancellation intensity in real time to better accommodate the audio. Although, it can be hard to perfect passive noise isolation with on ear headphones, the Solo Pro’s clamping force manages it just fine.

Since, beats headphones are notorious for keeping a heavy hand when it comes to bass, you can expect the same level of intensity when it comes to these headphones. If you enjoy listening to hip-hop, rap, or electronic music, you’ll find the Solo Pro headphones to be one of the best bass headphones to fulfill your head-thumping musical needs. Plus, with passive noise isolation, they work even better at low end sound frequencies, however, the bass can mask over the audio on higher end notes.

The Solo pro combines strong bass technology with active noise cancellation, that makes it an all-rounder. The battery life is pretty cool too, as you get almost 40 hours of listening time if you have the ANC turned off. But if you want active noise cancellation on, you can squeeze in almost 22 hours of listening time, which is quite generous for wireless headphones.


  • Easy to use for iPhone users as it has a lightening cable for charging
  • Long battery life
  • Effective passive noise isolation
  • Deep bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with H1 chip.
  • Fast charging


  • Microphone quality isn’t the best
  • It is expensive
  • No 3.5mm input

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHXB900N

You can’t go mentioning beats when it comes to the best bass headphones and not include a pair of Sony heads that are equally amazing too. The Sony WHXB900N is designed specifically for bass lovers, where you get so much bass you’ll be satiated if you’re a true bass head.

Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones

These weigh only 254 grams and are made of a plastic build, while being extremely flexible. They remain firmly on your head and you can easily rotate the earcups or fold them up to make them portable. The ear cups have plush memory foam padding that makes them really comfy on the ears, although if you live in a warmer climate it is easy for your ears to warm up.

Although the WHXB900N does have many high end Codec included, it only features  Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, where many headphones are upgraded with Bluetooth 5.0. Nonetheless, there are no lags or connectivity issues that we faced while using these headphones.

When it comes to sound, the bass is so strong it will have you thumping through and through, although there is no masking, we did find some unintentional mix up with vocals. Either way, the mid to high range notes are well detailed, and emphasize low end notes pretty well. The bass is really superior as compared to other headphones, and the rich, in depth sound brings out all forms of music genres. You’ll be one happy listener with the WHXB900N headphones – one of the best bass headphones on the market.


  • Ultra low frequency sound boost
  • In depth and rich bass
  • Durable and light weight design
  • Touch sensors and in-built microphone
  • Great active noise cancellation and isolation


  • Can heat up ears after considerable amount of use
  • Pricey headphones

3.      V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master

When it comes to the best bass headphones that check all the boxes from design, sound, functionality, to value; V-Moda makes exception headphones that keep all of the above in mind. The Crossfade M-100  Master produces impressive sound with 50mm audio drivers in each cup, and are exceptionally durable as you can fold them however you like and they still won’t snap.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master

The Cliqfold design, and clamshell carrying case make them portable to be taken anywhere you like, and the headphones come with accessories including: a 3.5mm cable with an in line mic, 3.5mm splitter, spare V-cork plug, and ¼” adapter. While the sound is hi-resolution certified by Japan Audio Society, the sound sensitivity dwindles between 105 decibels to 103 decibels, and you don’t need an external amplifier for the 32 ohms impedance, as your smartphone will be able to handle it easily.

The V-Moda M-100 Master sounds strictly bass heavy, while mid range frequencies like guitar, piano, and vocals sound distinct and clear as well. The low to mid range notes are well handled by these headphones and they provide ample noise isolation. The microphone is superb as well, and although it may lack other features that are included in the headphones we’ve mentioned above, these will last you a long time, especially if you’re rough and tough with your headphones.


  • Durable and sturdy build.
  • Sound quality is great.
  • Compact and comfortable as an over the ear headphone.
  • Sturdy clamshell carrying case.
  • Lots of accessories included.


  • Not wired.
  • Can feel uncomfortable with glasses on.

Wrapping Up

And that is a wrap for our 3 best bass headphones to go for in 2020.

Bass lovers will appreciate any of these three headphones as the one thing each of them gets right, is providing a deep, rich and detailed bass sounding experience without any hearing loss or making you feel overwhelmed.

However, we’d also like to re-direct you to our list of the  3 best loud headphones that have great bass. Check it out here, to find more options while looking for the best bass headphones.

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