Onikuma Gaming Headset K6- Review

Onikuma Gaming Headset K6- Review

Onikuma Gaming Headset K6 Review – 2020

Whether you’re a pro online gamer or someone just hooked to the world of Call of Duty, Animal Crossing or any other game, buckle up because this post will help you save not only tons of money but the hassle of testing out different headphones before finding the right fit!

In this post we’re going to be talking about the Onikuma gaming headset K6 which by far is the most cheapest, powerhouse headphones that are too good to be true for the price they are sold at. We honestly are struck by how well the K6 Onikuma gaming headset performs and that too under $50? Talk about an absolute steal!

Before we dive right into the review, if you’re looking for more gaming headphones to check out, click here to read about some other headphones that caught our eye. Now, onto the full review:

What’s in the Box?

When you open the box for the Onikuma gaming headset K6, the first thing you see is the big and edgy looking gaming headset, with 2 audio cables and a user manual. If you were hoping to receive a travel case or extra ear pads then these will disappoint you. However, for the price they are sold at it isn’t a bad deal.

Onikuma Gaming Headset

With that said, let’s move onto the design of the Onikuma gaming headset.


At first glance the K6 headset look quite huge with big earcups that have extra padding for maximum comfort so you can play hours on end. The earcups have a 50mm audio driver for amazing audio clarity, which is one of the reasons for the blocky look. The black headphones have the Onikuma logo on both earcups, while the microphone extends from the left earcup.

With a noise cancelling microphone that can be rotated up or down, the left earcup also has an audio cable extending with inline controls to manage the volume. Moreover, the black finish of this headset doesn’t feel cheap, and the LED backlights on the earcups do give them an edgy look.

Onikuma Gaming headset-02

As these are gaming headphones you can expect some level of flashiness to them, however, as compared to other models on the market they are quite subdued. As the Onikuma gaming headset isn’t wireless, you can simply plug and start playing, as these support virtually all gaming consoles including PS4, Xbox One/One s/One X, Nintendo Switch, PC, Macbook, iPad and smartphones.


When it comes to comfort the Onikuma gaming headset are fairly comfortable to wear however, the earpads can heat up your ears after an hour or so, which can be an inconvenience for some. Similarly gamers who wear glasses will find them extra comfortable as the clamping force isn’t too tight for these Onikuma gaming headset, and you can literally wear them for hours without any issue.

The headband is extendable so you can adjust it to the right settings, and while the padding isn’t as generous as compared to the earcups, it’s enough for you to not feel irritated. However, these headphones weight at around 1.5 pounds so they aren’t light and they can get heavy if you have a smaller head after a few hours or so.

While you may think that the Onikuma gaming headset might not be the sturdiest for the price, we’ll have you know that it is quite durable. The plastic construction with metal core provides strength and the headband is quite flexible. Similarly, you can shape the boom mic for your right fit and it’ll easily mould to your preference.

In short, if you’re on a budget and want a comfortable headset then the K6 is the perfect choice, although your ears may sweat during long gaming sessions.

Sound quality

Now for the ultimate question: Is the sound quality for the Onikuma Gaming Headset decent? Absolutely!

If you’re expecting Bose or Sennheiser level soundstage then don’t keep your hopes high, but when looking for the ultimate gaming headset on a budget, the sound quality is wonderful. There is no underwhelming bass or overpowering sound notes, and can pinpoint where sounds are coming from. Although the brand claims there is surround sound, we’ve seen better gaming headphones that provide 3D sound.

That doesn’t mean the Onikuma gaming headset sound bad. They aren’t provided with the surround sound software but despite that faux pass, you still find decent sound quality, with accented notes and balanced sound depth. The sound is loud, the bass is well balanced but not overpowering, and the mic works exceptionally well.

You’ll appreciate the mic tremendously if you’re tired of hearing static or delay in speech, as the mic is pretty reception. Once again we’re going to come back to the price and mention that while there is no comparison of the Onikuma gaming headset to higher end models, it does perform exceptionally well as an affordable headset.

Final thoughts

In our opinion the Onikuma gaming headset K6 is a great, cheap, budget friendly gaming headset that gives you comfort, a receptive mic, clear and loud sound quality at just under $40. This might just be the king of budget friendly gaming headphones and while your first instinct may be to compare the quality to high end headphones, the K6 have their strong points with a few minor flaws.

Overheating may be one issue users can face if they use the K6 headphones for longer periods, but if you don’t mind that then you’re good to go. The extra thick padding on the earcups provide extra comfort, and it doesn’t matter if you have small or large ears, this will literally fit anyone. People who wear glasses will find appreciate these more, as they don’t hurt with glasses on.

In the end, if you don’t want to splurge on a gaming headphone and want one that is compatible with multiple consoles or devices, the K6 is your man! It is perfect for great sound on a budget, and you won’t regret them!

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