Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review

In the race to launch newer than newer earbuds models and designs, companies are trying their best to find a way to stand out from other products available. Samsung launched its Galaxy Buds live in the 3rd quarter of 2020. This addition from Samsung was expected to be worth the buying, but is it? In this blog, we will be giving you the Samsung Galaxy buds live review to let you know if it is a good earphone choice in 2022 or not.

As galaxy buds live are shaped like a bean, they should have named it Samsung galaxy beans. I mean, yes. This is what they actually look like. However, they fit quite well in the ear. If you have significantly smaller or larger-sized ears, then it’s going to be a little setback for you. But you can use different-sized ear tips or wingtips to find a perfect fit for your ears. These were the first additions to Samsung wearables that support ANC (active noise canceling). After experimenting with all aspects of using these buds, we will be giving honest Samsung galaxy buds live reviews.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review: What’s in the Box?

Samsung galaxy buds live box

As we open the box, you get an instant glance at the Galaxy Bud Live’s case wrapped in matt white paper. There are Samsung galaxy buds manual with a warranty card attached to the inner top portion of the box. Moreover, there is a charging cable and only one pair of extra ear tips.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live looks luxurious at first sight but remains simple to use. Your first interaction with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live isn’t with the earbuds at all; rather, it starts with the squared-off, plastic charging case. If we talk about the material, it has a nice sheen and semi-matte finish that makes it enjoyable to use, especially compared to the glossy veneer of the Galaxy Buds Plus. There isn’t any button existing on or in the case, just two LEDs to indicate the case and earbuds’ battery levels, respectively.

Galaxy Buds Live Design & Comfort

Samsung galaxy buds live design

Before talking about design, these earbuds come in three different colors black, white, and bronze. And the case has the same color as the buds. There is a charging port on the back of the case. There are two LEDs, one at the front of the case and the other one inside the case.

As for the buds themselves, these buds indeed look quite funny but not strange. Having the shape of a bean, these earbuds truly look dope when someone fits them inside the ears. Their curvy design makes it perfect to properly fit into your ears.

samsung galxy buds comfort

Regardless of their unusual design, the Galaxy Buds Live are some of the most comfortable wireless earbuds you’ll ever come across. Their 0.2-ounce design is lightweight and comfortable that you might not know whether you are wearing them or not.

To fit these buds inside your ear, you need to push the speaker grille (lower part of the bud) inside the ear while the charging contacts sit in the upper part of the outer ear. If you aren’t able to fit the buds the right way, you may need to change the ear tips.

What if Galaxy Buds Live won’t fit?

To make the perfect fit of galaxy buds live in your ears, you have to wear them the right way. Just put the lower side of the earbud (speaker) into the lower part of your ears so that the rubber tip fits in your upper ear correctly. This will give you a perfect fit for Galaxy Buds Live. Moreover, be sure to keep the right side earbuds in your right ear and vice versa.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Galaxy Buds Live is good but doesn’t justify its price, sadly. Audio quality, in general, is decent and the bass is also dense. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Wearable app allows you to tune the sound between six modes which include bass boost, and treble boost though you can’t set a custom equalizer setting.

Another good thing about the Galaxy Buds Live is that since they don’t plug into your ear canal, they don’t feel uncomfortable even after extended periods of usage. Samsung has added an air vent for ventilation, which helps to minimize the muggy feeling you might get after a long session of listening to music.

The one major drawback of the air vent is the sound leakages that come through to the people sitting around you. If you’re a commuter or office worker, be prepared to hear a leakage complaint about how loud your music is playing.

Battery Life

If we move towards analyzing the battery life of Galaxy Buds Live, it entertains you for 6 hours on a single charge. So far this is the average playtime of the earbuds normally. Moreover, the charging case can power these buds for two additional charges. So, overall the entertainment pack is for 20 hours.

Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live supports fast charging and can provide one hour of playtime for only 5 minutes of charging. I think we shouldn’t take it over as this is the average playtime and power that an earbud would offer.

Call Quality

One thing that is worth mentioning is the call quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. It has a triple microphone sport that offers crystal-clear voice transmission. During an in-house call testing, all of my team members experienced my voice much clearer.

Overall, the microphone quality is excellent, as Samsung used an advanced array with its noise-canceling true wireless earbuds. Each earbud is adorned with internal hardware, among which are three microphones. All of the microphones combine to transmit clear audio while rejecting background noise. So I would say, microphone quality is the one plus point that you should consider while deciding to get galaxy buds live.

Active Noise Cancellation

Let’s discuss active noise canceling, which Samsung claims to be a feature of these earbuds. When Galaxy Buds Live was about to launch, we already guessed that these wouldn’t be able to reduce background noise. That is what happened later on.

With small-sized earbuds having a bean-style design, it is difficult to attain active noise canceling. This is because they don’t fit into the ear canal like other earbuds which block the ear canals isolating them from any outside noise. As galaxy earbuds live are in a shape which doesn’t actually enter into the ear canal, but fits properly, it allows much quantity of sound so that we can hear the people talking around us too.

Samsung has thus developed ANC for open type earbuds, which reduce low-band background noise under 700Hz, according to Samsung. These background noises are like trains and buses – up to 97% while still allowing you to hear voices and announcements.

This sounds great on paper, but didn’t really make much of a difference with our testing – at least not with voices. At lower volume levels, we could hear people around us with ANC enabled or disabled, and cranking volumes close to 90% or more made the voices disappear with or without ANC. In short, like most other wireless earbuds, ANC depends on the fit of the buds and the volume of what you’re listening to.

Galaxy Buds Live Pairing

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has a quick and smooth pairing procedure. You need to open the lid of the charging case and turn on the Bluetooth of the device you want to pair it with. A pop-up will appear saying “My Galaxy Buds Live” at the top. Once you tap “Connect,” a connection will establish between your smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. This is just the case with Android smartphones.

To pair Galaxy Buds Live with an Apple device or an iPhone, this isn’t that big a deal either. Just follow these simple steps.

How to pair Samsung earbuds with iPhone?

  • Enable Bluetooth from your iPhone.
  • Open the case of the earbuds to let your iPhone discover it.
  • Find the “Galaxy Buds Live” from the list of Bluetooth devices appearing on your iPhone.
  • Connect the iPhone to it and the connection will establish.

If the earbuds somehow don’t get connected to your iPhone, then put the earbuds in the charging case and close its lid. Open the lid again and try to connect. Hope it will work.

Streamlined pairing processes like this make wireless headsets easy to use. Even a normal person who isn’t into tech things too much can use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live easily.

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

Before purchasing you should do you really want noise canceling that only works a little bit? Technologically, it’s very impressive, but its functionality doesn’t seem as versatile as Samsung’s marketing claims. So, if you really want to choose a pair of future rich earbuds in the normal price range, then you can consider Sony WF-1000XM3, Apple AirPods Pro, and Beats Fit Pro.

Moreover, you can have a look at our recent blogs to know more about the premium options available to choose from. Keep an eye on them and do suggest to us which headphone review you want to see next.

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