Turtle Beach Recon 50 Review

Turtle Beach Recon 50 Gaming headset review

If you are into gaming headsets, you must have heard of Turtle Beach headsets. While searching for any gaming gear online, you’ll likely be coming across Turtle Beach headphones or any of its other gaming gadgets. Turtle Beach Recon 50 is a mid-range wired headset for gaming. These headphones perform really well while gaming. Due to their wired nature, they don’t have any latency issues, so you’re not going to face sound delays as well.

Usually, people advise one another not to go for cheap headphones. Because cheap headphones are inferior ones. This is so disappointing of them. A cheap headphone doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have poor sound quality, build quality, or anything else. You’ll have to compromise on a few features when you’re going to buy a gaming headset on a less budget. But the limited features available in that particular headset could be worth the buying.

Our Verdict

Despite fewer drawbacks (which you should bear in $25), Turtle Beach Recon 50 gaming headset is the justifier for its price. With 40mm audio drivers, these headphones will let you hear a crisp and prominent sound. Its in-line controls allow you to quickly change volume levels and turn the mic on/off. It has a detachable mic which you can remove while watching movies, scrolling through social media, or listening to music. With its 3.5mm connection, you can have a fun time using them with your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, and tablets/mobile phones as well.

Overall, these headphones are decent for gaming and have a really nice design. If you’re looking for a headset for a less budget that would offer good sound quality while playing games despite the noise canceling and surround sound, you must consider Turtle Beach Recon 50.

What’s in the Box?

Turtle Beach Recon 50 what's in the box

As we open the box, there is a detachable microphone laying at the top. Furthermore, there is a headset, user guide, and a PC splitter cable. Interestingly, there is a “Turtle Beach” sticker inside the box, too, so you can paste it on your background wall or any place where you put such aesthetic elements. Let’s move on with the Turtle Beach Recon 50 Gaming Headset review.

Design & Comfort

These headphones are lightweight and have a sleek design with the “Turtle Beach” logo on both ear cups. Its headband has comfy padding (not memory foam) which is fine for normal usage but may start getting hurt sometimes because the padding is not that much to withstand longer tension. Its in-line control helps easily control the master volume and mute the mic at your fingertips.

turtle beach recon 50 design and comforst

The ear cups are rotatable and the headband can be stretched to adjust the size of your head. But it can be irritating sometimes that you may not be able to adjust the headband if you have a bigger head. Another cool thing about these headphones is that the earpads cover your ears around them, rather than covering being over the ears, giving you a perfect fit. This is going to amaze you if you wear glasses while playing games.

As the earmuffs cover your ears around them, you are going to experience a long time of comfort gaming. Because it lets the air pass through, which prevents your ears from sweating, which is one of the major concerns of gamers.

Sound Quality

Talking about sound quality, here comes the real deal. You’ll have to make some compromises when you buy mid-range or lower-mid range headphones. To be straightforward, the soundstage of Recon 50 headphones is below average. After performing soundstage testing, we noticed that there wasn’t a notch even at 10 kHz.

how turtle beach recon 50 sounds like

The bass of Turtle Beach Recon 50 is great. All the levels; low, mid, and high bass are properly balanced. You are going to experience excellent bass if you perfectly fit the ear cups on your ears to make the seal properly.

As far as noise isolation is concerned, Turtle Beach Recon 50 headsets don’t provide proper noise cancelation. At lower sound levels, you will be hearing what’s going around. At mid-range, they offer less than 2dB of isolation, which is barely noticeable. And at the treble level, it provides 20dB of isolation, which is average. So, you won’t be experiencing proper noise-canceling functionality using these headphones. Although at higher sound levels, you may experience some background noise being blocked.

Microphone Quality

The microphone on Turtle Beach Recon 50 is not the best we’ve seen in a headset, but it’s not the worst either. Although there are no controls to adjust it, the mic arm is long enough so you can place it (physically) exactly where you need to. One of the problems we’ve had with microphones is sibilance and distortion in the voice transmission. The sibilance comes from the air coming from your mouth and directly hits the microphone’s sensing diaphragm, and the mic doesn’t know how to handle it. Many compact boom mics suffer from this issue, though.

hyperX cloud ii wireless headphones microphones quality

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P headphone has a great boom mic. In quiet surroundings, the voice recorded or transmitted with this microphone will sound full, natural, detailed, and present. In noisy areas, its mic can isolate speech from background noise to a good degree even in areas like a subway station or a game competition.

During mic testing, the lower frequency extension of the recorded voice was 20 Hz, which is quite good. This makes the transmitted sound to be real, natural, and prominent. Similarly, the higher frequency extension was 9.8 kHz, which is also great, making the voice detailed and present.

Should I buy Turtle Beach Recon 50 Gaming Headset?

The Turtle Beach Recon 50 is a budget gaming headset having a decent mic. These headphones are light in weight and have a sleek design. But their plastic build quality isn’t on the same level as other headphones and gaming headsets in the same price range. You may not be able to perfectly fit these headphones on your head because of their limited headband extension. The padding of the headband is fine, but it may hurt you if  you use them for a longer period. Its detachable and movable mic gives you the freedom to turn it in any direction or even remove it while watching movies or listening to music.

Overall, we would say it’s a good headphone but has fewer drawbacks as well. If you’re looking for a headset that would provide a basic gaming experience and you don’t care about the noise canceling then the Recon 50 is for you. It has the features which are the basic needs of a gamer so they won’t be letting you down completely. Considering their price in mind, these headphones perform up to the mark.

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