ZIHNIC Foldable Wired and Wireless Headphones Review

Zihnic foldable headphones review

The ZIHNIC foldable headphones are another addition to the wireless headsets realm. These wireless headphones have an ergonomic design and comfortable fit that gives you immense pleasure while listening to music. Their foldable design allows you to place them in any place in your room as well as in your backpack. It has a built-in mic, led indicator, volume control button, and a charging port on it.

To be honest, ZIHNIC foldable headphones have enough features and sound quality that a headphone at the price point of $22 can offer. Surprisingly, it also supports fast charging, which isn’t usually found in headphones of this price range.

Overall, these are affordable headphones and are reliable for normal usage. It has 15 hours of non-stop battery backup. Nevertheless, some users have complained of mere delays in the sound while listening to music or watching streams online. Let’s move forward to the ZIHNIC foldable headphones review.

Should you buy ZIHNIC Foldable Headphones?

should you buy zihnic foldable wireless headphones

Before buying any headset, you should have a clear idea of your needs and desired budget. That is where the right selection of headsets starts. You will likely find headsets when you have these two things clear. Moving to the point, ZIHNIC Foldable Headphones could be your choice if you have to listen to music with half the day of battery life.

Before moving further, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of buying ZIHNIC headphones.


  • Ergonomic design makes a comfortable fit.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Seamless Control on the headset.


  • The sound may distort sometimes.
  • These might feel a bit bulky when they are on the head.

ZIHNIC Wireless Headphones: Design & Features

zihnic foldable wireless headphones design

These headphones have such a comfortable fit that you can use them for a long time easily. Its artificial leatherette earmuffs are responsible to deliver maximum comfort. They have a foldable design that is useful for placing them in any compact space around. Its headband has an adjustable grip that allows you to stretch the band to a significant extent and have the desired grip.

The Zihnic headphones are built with a material that has a premium finish and looks pretty decent when wearing them. Its super-comfy earmuffs have memory foam that bears the pressure of the weight of the headphones.

Talking about the features of ZIHNIC wireless headphones, it has an additional port for the audio cord that helps you to connect with the device. It saves the battery and ultimately results in longer playtime. The ear cups are flexible and easily stretchable to move and can also be folded.

There is a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver which is designed for a fast and stable connection. All you just have to do is slide the on/off button to connect with the headphones once they are in ready-to-pair mode. Additionally, you can reach your phone and have your hands free from Zihnic Headphones. It also has a special noise reduction technology microphone that offers free communication. These headphones are compatible with all major smartphone models like the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung S9, S8, Android, Huawei, Nexus, and Alexa.

ZIHNIC Wireless Headphones: Sound Quality

The sound quality of Zihnic wireless headphones is pretty much good for the price of $22. You get to hear a clear, crisp, and stable sound when listening to any genre.  Zihnic headphones are high-definition Stereo Headphones with noise reduction technology. This noise reduction technology helps prevent the surrounding noise. Roam in immersive music charms even at the lowest volume levels.

Overall, the sound quality is worth the price, you can rely on these headphones for that. However, it depends on the type of usage as well. If you’re looking for gaming headphones then ZIHNIC wireless headset should definitely not be your choice. This is because these headphones don’t have some must-have features for gaming like surround sound, low latency, etc.

ZIHNIC Wireless Headphone: Battery life

zihnic foldable wireless headphones battery life

Zihnic Headphones have a 450mAh battery which offers a playtime of up to 15 hours. Surprisingly, it supports fast charging and it probably takes an hour to fast charge. Interestingly, you can switch to wired mode anytime, which will save a significant amount of charging. Similarly, if the headphone turns off, you can readily plug the audio cord into the device you’re using and enjoy hassle-free music streaming. This is also a plus point of having Zihnic headphones so that you don’t need to worry about power shortage problems for long drives.

Final Words

After knowing all the aspects and features of these Zihnic Wireless Headphones you must have clarity on whether you should get these or not. If you are a gym enthusiast or want to enjoy the journey on the way to a picnic spot, then Zihnic wireless headphones would be the right choice of yours.

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